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Aetrex V854 Walking / W / SC (Moderate MC)
Aetrex 801 Walking 801 / W / SC (Moderate MC)
Asics Gel Foundation Walker / W / SC (Moderate MC)
Asics Gel Kayano Walker 7 / W / SC (Minimum MC)
Asics Gel Cardio Walker / W / SC(Neutral/Cushioned MC)
Asics Gel 4 to 8 Walker / W / SC (Maximum MC)
Brooks Addiction Walker / W / SC

New Balance
New Balance 926 / W / S (Minimum MC)
New Balance 844 / W / SC (Neutral/Cushioned MC)
New Balance 811 / W / S (Neutral/Cushioned MC)
New Balance 965 Trail / W / SC (Moderate MC)
New Balance 659 / W / SC (Moderate MC)

Saucony ProGrid Stabil LE 4 Score - 55/W/S (Moderate Motion Control Shoe)
Saucony Grid Integrity ST Score - 45 / W / SC (Moderate Motion Control)

W = Multiple widths
M = One width
C = Curved
SC = Semicurved
S = Straight

Torsional and Flexion Stability are desirable features to assist in protection from the adverse impact of excessive pronation and to help those individuals with plantar fasciitis. Lateral stability is also desired to lessen the possibility of ankle sprains.

The current commonly used terms of stability and motion control are poorly chosen and inappropriately used. The way these terms are used in shoe descriptions does not reflect biomechanical function and are confusing and potentially misleading. We choose to define shoes function in degrees of protection from over pronation (which is a form of stability and motion limitation) using the term "pronation control". This method is used rather than creating confusion by the use of two similar terms taken to mean something different than they should. Many of the shoes we rate as offering mild pronation control are often categorized as "neutral" shoes