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At OC Foot & Ankle Associates we want to ensure that not only the most optimal, advanced procedure is done on your feet, but as women, want to ensure that it looks good as well. We take into account your desire to wear open toe sandals, heels, and thus when any surgical procedure is performed on your feet, whether it be a nail procedure, bunionectomy, hammertoe procedure, shortening of elongated toes or curved toes, etc.., we use the most up-to-date plastic surgical techniques to ensure the scar is minimized. Sometimes, specific types of stitches are used so they don't need to be removed and don't leave the unsightly track marks. Our doctors our dedicated to make your surgical procedure not only as pain-free as possible, but to make it look good as well. Once your incision has healed which usually takes approximately 2 weeks, we offer recommendations to even further assist with minimizing your scar formation including self-massage techniques and OTC creams which assist in the process.