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We all want it. To be able to wear heels and not have our feet hurt afterwards. Depending on the height of your heel, an evening of dancing can prove to be detrimental to the ball of your foot. Many women experience pain in the ball of the foot because of the increased pressure to this area when wearing heels. This can result in blister formation on your toes, calluses on the ball of the foot, and even worse, bursitis formation when the pressure is prolonged enough. Pain in the ball of your foot after wearing heels is common especially beneath the 2nd/3rd toes. When that pressure is over a long amt of time, calluses start to form in this area. Sometimes the pressure is resolved with shaving of the calluses, and when its not, we suspect a "bursitis" formation which is a protective mechanism that your body does in order to form a pillow-like cushioning to the area.

This can be painful however and often result in a burning, throbbing sensation in the ball. Other problems may include neuroma formation which is exacerbated with heels which can cause burning,tingling, throbbing sensation in between the space of your 3rd and 4th toes where a nerve gets compressed.


There are treatment options available including some types of orthotics with metatarsal pads to take pressure of this area. These customized orthotics are made from a custom casting of your foot. In addition, certain gel pads are available as adhesives to place in your foot during your evening out to minimize pressure. If an in-office ultrasound confirms however, the formation of a bursal sac in this area, we offer cortisone injections to shrink the sac and long term wise, may recommend orthotics. If your diagnosis turns out to be a neuroma, orthotics may also help as well as cortisone, and finally decompression of the nerve.

The doctors at OC Foot are dedicated in providing you with all the treatment options available to make life with heels possible.