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Diabetic patients have an increased risk of developing foot infections and ulcers throughout their lifetime. Wearing specialized shoes commonly referred to as 'extra-depth shoes' may help to prevent increased pressure from occurring on the bottom (plantar) surfaces of the foot. These shoes coupled with a multidensity heat-moldable insole can significantly reduce the pressure and shear forces on the bottom of a diabetic foot. Medicare recognizes this relationship and instituted a specialized program for diabetics who qualify under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program.


This program will allow qualifying diabetics, one pair of extra-depth therapeutic shoes and three pairs of heat-molded insoles per calendar year.

These extra-depth shoes generally have a firm heel counter, rigid midsole, a high and wide toe box, and incorporate a multidensity heat-moldable insole. These shoes are utilized as part of a comprehensive plan for treatment of the diabetic foot.


There are many shoe styles available and our staff is highly trained to measure your foot using the Brannock device and heat mold them to the contour of your feet. This program is an excellent step in preventing diabetic foot infections by helping to minimize pressure and shear forces on the foot.


All diabetics regardless of their age should have a yearly podiatric exam to assess for circulation, neurological sensation, and biomechanics to assess the risk of developing ulcerations and prevent amputations.